LOL - LPL Summer 07/17 11:00 - Top Esports vs Weibo Gaming View
Honor of Kings - KPL Summer 07/17 12:00 - Weibo Gaming vs Rogue Warriors View
LOL - LPL Summer 07/18 09:00 - Weibo Gaming vs Anyone's Legend View
LOL - LPL Summer 07/23 09:00 - Weibo Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming View
LOL - LPL Summer 07/25 11:00 - Weibo Gaming vs LGD Gaming View


LOL - LPL Summer 07/13 11:00 - Weibo Gaming v Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0
Honor of Kings - KPL Summer 07/12 09:00 - LGD NBW v Weibo Gaming 2-2
LOL - LPL Summer 07/10 11:00 - LNG Esports v Weibo Gaming 2-1
LOL - LPL Summer 07/06 11:00 - JD Gaming v Weibo Gaming 0-2
Honor of Kings - KPL Summer 07/05 06:00 - Weibo Gaming v Team WE 2-2
Honor of Kings - KPL Summer 07/03 09:00 - Royal Never Give Up v Weibo Gaming 0-2
LOL: Wild Rift - Super League 07/03 09:00 - ThunderTalk Gaming v Team Weibo 3-2
Honor of Kings - KPL Summer 06/30 09:00 - Weibo Gaming v Top Esports Armor 2-2
LOL - LPL Summer Placements 06/29 11:00 - Invictus Gaming v Weibo Gaming 0-2
LOL: Wild Rift - Super League 06/29 09:00 - Fish Gaming v Team Weibo 1-1
LOL: Wild Rift - Super League 06/26 11:00 - Team Weibo v Nova Esports 1-1
LOL - LPL Summer Placements 06/25 11:00 - Weibo Gaming v Anyone's Legend 0-2

Wikipedia - Weibo Gaming

Weibo Gaming is a Chinese esports organization owned by the Weibo Corporation.

Its League of Legends team competes in the LPL, the top-level league for the game in China. It was owned by e-commerce company for most of its history and was previously known as Suning.

Weibo are also members of the Esports World Cup Foundation Club Support Program, funded by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, which gives teams monetary rewards for painting the Esports World Cup tournament series in a positive light and driving engagement to the tournament, which is seen to some as a sportswashing tool that Saudi Arabia is using to distract the public from their poor human rights record.



The League of Legends team was founded as Suning Gaming on 28 December 2016, following's acquisition of the League of Legends team T.Bear Gaming. A roster was formed to compete in the LSPL, China's secondary pro league; it consisted of XiaoAL (now Langx), Avoidless, dian, Fury, and Yoon. Suning placed second in the 2017 LSPL spring regular season and later swept Young Miracles in the spring finals to qualify for the LPL.

Weibo Gaming is a professional esports team known for their dominance in various competitive gaming titles. With a roster of talented and skilled players, Weibo Gaming has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the esports scene. They are known for their strategic gameplay, teamwork, and dedication to their craft. Weibo Gaming has a strong presence in tournaments and leagues, consistently placing high and earning recognition for their achievements. Fans of Weibo Gaming can expect thrilling matches and exciting gameplay from this top-tier esports team.