1. Team: A group of players who compete together in esports tournaments and events.

2. Roster: The list of players who are part of an esports team.

3. Captain: The leader of the esports team who makes strategic decisions and communicates with the team during matches.

4. Coach: A professional who provides guidance and training to the esports team to improve their skills and performance.

5. Analyst: A person who studies the gameplay of the esports team and provides insights and recommendations for improvement.

6. Support: A player who provides assistance to the team by healing, buffing, or protecting other players.

7. Carry: A player who is responsible for dealing the most damage and securing kills for the team.

8. Tank: A player who has high health and defense and is responsible for absorbing damage and protecting the team.

9. Jungler: A player who focuses on farming resources and controlling objectives in the jungle area of the game map.

10. Mid laner: A player who focuses on controlling the middle lane of the game map and dealing damage to enemy players.