Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 03/02 19:30 11 [4] Figueirense v Inter de Lages [11] L 3-1
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/25 21:00 10 [11] Inter de Lages v Barra SC [7] L 0-2
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/18 20:00 9 Inter de Lages v Criciuma L 0-1
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/14 22:30 8 [11] Chapecoense v Inter de Lages [8] L 2-1
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/11 22:00 7 [8] Brusque v Inter de Lages [10] W 0-1
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/08 23:00 6 [12] Inter de Lages v Nacao Esportes [11] W 2-0
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/04 21:00 5 [10] Hercilio Luz v Inter de Lages [12] D 3-3
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 02/01 00:30 4 Inter de Lages v Avai L 2-3
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 01/28 20:30 3 Joinville v Inter de Lages L 2-1
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 01/25 00:30 2 [3] Marcilio Dias v Inter de Lages [6] L 2-1
Brazil Campeonato Catarinense 01/21 19:00 1 [4] Inter de Lages v Concordia [4] D 0-0
Brazil Matches 10/29 18:00 9 Inter de Lages v Nacao D 3-3


Matches played 34 16 18
Wins 10 7 3
Draws 12 6 6
Losses 12 3 9
Goals for 44 21 23
Goals against 47 14 33
Clean sheets 11 8 3
Failed to score 9 5 4

Esporte Clube Internacional, commonly known as Internacional de Lages or Inter de Lages, is a Brazilian football team based in Lages, Santa Catarina state. In 2021, it plays Campeonato Catarinense Série B, the state of Santa Catarina's second league.


The club was founded on June 13, 1949. It won the Campeonato Catarinense in 1965, the Campeonato Catarinense Second Level in 1990, 2000 and 2014 and the Campeonato Catarinense Third Level in 2013. Inter de Lages played the Taça Brasil in 1966, when it was eliminated in the first stage by Ferroviário-PR. The club returned to the national competitions in 2015, when it played the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D, the fourth tier of the Brazilian football.

Inter de Lages is a professional soccer team based in the city of Lages, located in the southern region of Brazil. The team was founded in 1949 and has a rich history in Brazilian soccer, having won several state championships and competing in national tournaments.

The team's colors are red and white, and their home stadium is the Vidal Ramos Júnior Stadium, which has a capacity of 10,000 spectators. Inter de Lages has a passionate fan base and is known for their attacking style of play, with a focus on quick passing and movement off the ball.

The current squad is made up of talented players from Brazil and other countries, including Argentina and Uruguay. The team is led by experienced coach Paulo Porto, who has a track record of success in Brazilian soccer.

Inter de Lages is committed to developing young talent and has a strong youth academy program. The team also has a strong community presence, with initiatives focused on promoting soccer and healthy living among local youth.

Overall, Inter de Lages is a respected and competitive team in Brazilian soccer, with a proud history and a bright future ahead.