Negros Muscovados

Leagues Played
Philippines MPBL 33


Philippines MPBL 06/11 10:00 - Negros Muscovados v Quezon City L 79-83
Philippines MPBL 06/06 10:00 - Pampanga Giant Lanterns v Negros Muscovados L 104-81
Philippines MPBL 06/01 10:00 - Negros Muscovados v Quezon Huskers L 62-73
Philippines MPBL 05/27 10:00 - San Juan Knights v Negros Muscovados L 85-64
Philippines MPBL 05/20 08:00 - Negros Muscovados v Iloilo United Royals W 72-66
Philippines MPBL 05/14 10:00 - South Cotabato Warriors v Negros Muscovados L 81-74
Philippines MPBL 05/08 08:00 - Batangas City v Negros Muscovados L 72-62
Philippines MPBL 05/03 08:00 - Negros Muscovados v Valenzuela Classic L 70-74
Philippines MPBL 04/27 10:00 - Negros Muscovados v Abra Weavers L 57-69
Philippines MPBL 04/22 10:00 - Zamboanga Master Sardines v Negros Muscovados L 88-73
Philippines MPBL 04/16 08:00 - Bicolandia Oragons v Negros Muscovados W 68-75
Philippines MPBL 04/11 12:00 - Negros Muscovados v Pasay Voyagers W 86-84
The Negros Muscovados basketball team is a powerhouse in the Philippines basketball scene. Named after the famous Muscovado sugar produced in the region of Negros, the team embodies the sweet taste of victory on the court.

Known for their fast-paced and high-scoring style of play, the Negros Muscovados are a force to be reckoned with in every game they play. With a roster of talented and skilled players, they are able to dominate their opponents with their sharp shooting, strong defense, and excellent teamwork.

Off the court, the Negros Muscovados are known for their strong sense of community and dedication to giving back to their fans and supporters. They regularly participate in charity events and community outreach programs, making them not only a formidable basketball team but also a beloved and respected part of the local community.

Overall, the Negros Muscovados are a team that embodies the spirit of hard work, determination, and passion for the game of basketball. With their winning attitude and commitment to excellence, they are sure to continue making waves in the Philippines basketball scene for years to come.