Kenya Cup Women 07/10 11:00 - Ulinzi Starlets Women v Kibera Women L 2-1
Kenya League Women 06/29 09:00 - Kibera Women v Soccer Assassins Women D 1-1
Kenya League Women 05/11 06:00 - Zetech Sparks FC Women v Kibera Women D 2-2
Kenya League Women 03/02 08:00 - Ulinzi Starlets Women v KSL FC Women L 1-0
Kenya League Women 01/20 08:00 - KSL FC Women v Bungoma Queens Women W 5-4
Kenya League Women 11/05 10:00 - Nakuru City Queens FC Women v KSL FC Women W 0-3
Kenya League Women 10/29 09:00 - KSL FC Women v Ulinzi Starlets Women D 1-1
Kenya League Women 10/15 09:00 - Kibera Women v Vihiga Queens FC Women L 1-3


Matches played 8 4 4
Wins 2 1 1
Draws 3 2 1
Losses 3 1 2
Goals for 14 8 6
Goals against 14 9 5
Clean sheets 1 0 1
Failed to score 1 0 1
Kibera Women is a passionate and determined soccer team based in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Comprised of talented female athletes from the local community, the team is known for their skillful play, teamwork, and unwavering dedication to the sport.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including limited resources and societal barriers, the Kibera Women's team continues to defy the odds and showcase their talent on the field. Through their hard work and perseverance, they have become a source of inspiration and pride for their community.

With a strong sense of camaraderie and a deep love for the game, the Kibera Women's team serves as a shining example of the power of sports to bring people together and create positive change. Their passion for soccer transcends boundaries and serves as a reminder that with determination and teamwork, anything is possible.