UEFA Nations League D


DateRHome vs Away-
09/05 18:45 1 San Marino vs Liechtenstein View
09/07 16:00 1 Moldova vs Malta View
09/10 18:45 2 Andorra vs Malta View
09/10 18:45 2 Gibraltar vs Liechtenstein View
10/10 18:45 3 Moldova vs Andorra View
10/10 18:45 3 Gibraltar vs San Marino View
10/13 16:00 4 Malta vs Moldova View
10/13 16:00 4 Liechtenstein vs Gibraltar View
10/13 19:45 5 San Marino vs Gibraltar View
11/16 17:00 5 Andorra vs Moldova View
11/18 19:45 6 Liechtenstein vs San Marino View
11/19 19:45 6 Malta vs Andorra View


Date R Home vs Away -
09/26 18:45 6 [3] San Marino vs Estonia [1] 0-4
09/25 13:00 6 [2] Moldova vs Liechtenstein [4] 2-0
09/25 13:00 6 [3] Andorra vs Latvia [1] 1-1
09/23 16:00 5 [1] Estonia vs Malta [2] 2-1
09/22 18:45 5 [4] Liechtenstein vs Andorra [3] 0-2
09/22 16:00 5 [1] Latvia vs Moldova [2] 1-2
The UEFA Nations League D is an exciting soccer tournament that brings together the national teams from the lower-ranked European countries. This division is specifically designed to provide these teams with a competitive platform to showcase their skills and compete against teams of similar caliber.

The tournament features a round-robin format, where the participating teams are divided into groups. Each team plays against the others in their group, both home and away, in a series of thrilling matches. The top teams from each group advance to the next stage, while the bottom teams face relegation to a lower division.

The UEFA Nations League D offers a unique opportunity for these nations to gain valuable international experience and improve their rankings. It serves as a stepping stone for these teams to progress and potentially qualify for major international tournaments in the future.

The matches in this division are known for their intense competition and passionate displays of national pride. The players give their all on the field, showcasing their technical skills, tactical prowess, and teamwork. The atmosphere in the stadiums is electric, with fans cheering on their national teams and creating an unforgettable ambiance.

The UEFA Nations League D not only provides thrilling soccer action but also promotes unity and camaraderie among the participating nations. It fosters a sense of belonging and national identity, as players and fans come together to support their teams and celebrate their shared love for the beautiful game.

Overall, the UEFA Nations League D is a highly anticipated tournament that offers lower-ranked European nations a chance to shine on the international stage. It showcases the diversity and talent of European soccer, while also providing a platform for these teams to grow and develop.