Vietnam VFL 07/19 08:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v Thai Son Nam FC L 1-5
Vietnam VFL 07/13 10:00 - Sanvinest Khanh Hoa v Tan Hiep Hung W 0-2
Vietnam VFL 07/06 07:00 - SG Titans v Tan Hiep Hung W 1-2
Vietnam VFL 07/06 07:00 - Sai Gon FC v Tan Hiep Hung W 1-2
Vietnam VFL 06/30 11:00 - Thai Son Bac v Tan Hiep Hung L 4-1
Vietnam VFL 06/25 08:00 - Ha Noi v Tan Hiep Hung L 3-2
Vietnam VFL 06/12 07:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v Luxury Ha Long W 3-0
Vietnam VFL 06/07 10:00 - Sahako FC v Tan Hiep Hung D 3-3
Vietnam VFL 06/02 07:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v Sanvinest Khanh Hoa W 2-0
Vietnam VFL 03/07 07:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v SG Titans D 0-0
Vietnam VFL 03/01 07:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v Thai Son Bac L 0-1
Vietnam VFL 02/23 07:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v Ha Noi D 1-1

Tân Hiệp Hưng Futsal Club (Vietnamese: câu lạc bộ futsal Tân Hiệp Hưng) is a Viet futsal club. They currently play in the Vietnam National Futsal League.

They hired coach Trương Hồng Tài for the 2019 season, but he was replaced by Trần Hoàng Vinh after a year.

Tan Hiep Hung is the official futsal team representing Vietnam in international competitions. The team is known for their fast-paced and skillful style of play, as well as their strong teamwork and determination on the court.

Founded in 2012, Tan Hiep Hung has quickly risen to become one of the top futsal teams in Vietnam, consistently competing at the highest level in domestic and international tournaments. The team is made up of talented and dedicated players who are passionate about the sport and committed to achieving success on the futsal stage.

With a strong coaching staff and a supportive fan base, Tan Hiep Hung continues to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of futsal in Vietnam. They are a team to watch out for in the futsal world, as they continue to make their mark and represent their country with pride and determination.