Vietnam VFL 07/19 10:00 - Sanvinest Khanh Hoa v Luxury Ha Long D 1-1
Vietnam VFL 07/14 10:00 - Thai Son Nam FC v Luxury Ha Long L 12-0
Vietnam VFL 07/07 08:00 - Ha Noi v Luxury Ha Long L 4-0
Vietnam VFL 07/01 07:00 - SG Titans v Luxury Ha Long D 1-1
Vietnam VFL 06/26 10:00 - Sahako FC v Luxury Ha Long L 3-2
Vietnam VFL 06/18 08:00 - Luxury Ha Long v Sanvinest Khanh Hoa L 1-3
Vietnam VFL 06/12 07:00 - Tan Hiep Hung v Luxury Ha Long L 3-0
Vietnam VFL 06/06 10:00 - Thai Son Bac v Luxury Ha Long L 4-1
Vietnam VFL 06/01 08:00 - Luxury Ha Long v Thai Son Nam FC L 1-4
Vietnam VFL 03/06 08:00 - Luxury Ha Long v Sahako FC L 0-10
Vietnam VFL 02/29 08:00 - Luxury Ha Long v Ha Noi L 1-7
Vietnam VFL 02/22 08:00 - Luxury Ha Long v SG Titans L 1-10
Luxury Ha Long is a highly skilled and competitive futsal team based in the picturesque city of Ha Long, Vietnam. Comprised of talented and dedicated players, this team is known for their exceptional technique, agility, and strategic gameplay.

The team's name, "Luxury Ha Long," reflects their commitment to excellence and their desire to bring a touch of luxury to the futsal arena. Just like the stunning natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, this team aims to captivate their audience with their mesmerizing skills and breathtaking performances.

Luxury Ha Long boasts a diverse roster of players, each bringing their unique strengths and abilities to the team. From lightning-fast footwork to precise passing and powerful shots, every player contributes to the team's success. Their seamless coordination and understanding of each other's playing styles make them a formidable force on the futsal court.

Off the court, Luxury Ha Long is known for their professionalism and sportsmanship. They embody the values of fair play, respect, and teamwork, both in their interactions with opponents and in their commitment to continuous improvement. Their dedication to training and their unwavering passion for the sport are evident in their performances, making them a force to be reckoned with in the futsal community.

Luxury Ha Long's matches are always a spectacle to behold. Their fast-paced and dynamic style of play keeps spectators on the edge of their seats, while their ability to adapt to different game situations ensures thrilling and unpredictable encounters. Whether it's a friendly match or a high-stakes tournament, Luxury Ha Long always brings their A-game, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and opponents alike.

In summary, Luxury Ha Long is a futsal team that combines skill, passion, and a touch of luxury to create an unforgettable experience on and off the court. With their exceptional talent, dedication, and commitment to fair play, they continue to make waves in the futsal world, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts of their fans.