Austria EHL 3 - 01:39 41 [11] Val Pusteria vs HC TWK Innsbruck [10] - 2-2
Austria EHL 01/25 18:15 34 EC Dornbirn Bulldogs vs HC TWK Innsbruck - View
Austria EHL 01/28 18:15 43 Graz vs HC TWK Innsbruck - View
Austria EHL 02/01 18:15 44 HC TWK Innsbruck vs Val Pusteria - View
Austria EHL 02/04 18:30 45 Vienna Capitals vs HC TWK Innsbruck - View
Austria EHL 02/05 16:30 46 HC Orli Znojmo vs HC TWK Innsbruck - View


Austria EHL 01/21 18:30 40 [11] HC TWK Innsbruck v Salzburg [1] W 3-1
Austria EHL 01/19 18:15 48 HC TWK Innsbruck v HK Olimpija Ljubljana W 5-1
Austria EHL 01/18 18:15 20 HC TWK Innsbruck v EC VSV - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/15 16:30 39 [13] EHC Black Wings Linz v HC TWK Innsbruck [11] L 3-2
Austria EHL 01/14 18:15 38 [2] Fehérvár AV19 v HC TWK Innsbruck [11] W 3-5
Austria EHL 01/12 18:15 19 [11] HC TWK Innsbruck v Fehérvár AV19 [3] L 0-4
Austria EHL 01/09 16:30 37 Graz 99ers v HC TWK Innsbruck - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/06 16:30 36 HC TWK Innsbruck v EC VSV - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/04 18:15 35 [9] HC TWK Innsbruck v HCB Südtirol Alperia [5] L 1-4
Austria EHL 01/02 16:30 34 EC Dornbirn Bulldogs v HC TWK Innsbruck - PPT.
Austria EHL 12/30 18:15 33 [9] HC TWK Innsbruck v Val Pusteria [11] L 2-4
Austria EHL 12/28 18:45 32 [5] HCB Südtirol Alperia v HC TWK Innsbruck [8] L 3-0

Wikipedia - HC TWK Innsbruck

HC Tiroler Wasserkraft Innsbruck is an Austrian professional ice hockey team in the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (EBEL). They play their home games at OlympiaWorld Innsbruck complex in Innsbruck.


The club was founded in 1994 as HC Innsbruck and in 1999 with the introduction of wealthy sponsor "Tyrolean Hydropower" were renamed to HC Tiroler Wasserkraft Innsbruck. Since the 2000-01 season the Sharks were playing in the highest Austrian league and was the first Innsbruck team in the first division since the exit of EV Innsbruck upon completion of the 1992–93 season.

Over the years, the team reached the semi-finals on multiple occasions, however, never made it to the finals. In recent seasons,[] the majority of the squad has often been replaced, but this was reflected on the budget constraints. In addition, the team failed to win in the final stages of the season, year after year, repeated regularly and culminated in the early playoff exits.

On 3 March 2009, Innsbruck announced its intention to leave the Erste Bank Hockey League for financial reasons and resume play in the second tier, the Austrian National League.

Their return season in the new league was completed with a successful squad that consisted mainly of young Tyrolean players. The club finished the regular season first, seven points ahead of the runner-up Dornbirner EC. In the final Innsbruck were defeated by the Vorarlbergians, losing the series 3 games to 1. Two years later, the club succeeded in winning the second division National League Championship, for the first time in franchise history. A short time later it was announced that Innsbruck would return to the top-flight EBEL league.