IIHF World Championship 05/20 18:20 7 [5] Finland v Denmark [7] L 3-1
IIHF World Championship 05/18 10:20 5 [5] Denmark v Switzerland [3] L 0-8
IIHF World Championship 05/17 14:20 3 [8] Great Britain v Denmark [7] W 3-4
IIHF World Championship 05/15 14:20 4 [4] Czech Republic v Denmark [6] L 7-4
IIHF World Championship 05/14 14:20 6 [5] Denmark v Norway [8] L 0-2
IIHF World Championship 05/12 14:20 2 [3] Denmark v Canada [5] L 1-5
IIHF World Championship 05/11 14:20 1 [5] Austria v Denmark [5] W 1-5
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 05/07 16:30 - Poland v Denmark W 1-3
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/27 12:00 - Norway v Denmark L 2-1
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/26 16:30 - Norway v Denmark L 4-3
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/13 11:00 - Denmark v Norway L 2-3
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/11 17:00 - Denmark v Norway W 3-1

The Danish national men's ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team for Denmark. The team is controlled by Danmarks Ishockey Union. It was founded in 1949, and as of 2022, the Danish team was ranked 10th in the IIHF World Rankings. Denmark currently has 4,255 players (0.07% of its population). Their coach is Swedish Mikael Gath. Denmark once held the record for the largest loss when they were defeated by Canada in 1949, 47–0, only being surpassed by New Zealand who were defeated by Australia 58–0 in 1987.


The team played its first world championship in 1949, led by player-coach and captain Jørgen Hviid. After not qualifying for a world championship since 1949, Denmark surprised many in 2003 by finishing in 11th place, including a tie game against that year's champions Canada.

In 2003, Denmark was back in the elite pool of the IIHF World Championships after 54 years. The Danish national hockey team scored two historic, unexpected upsets in Tampere, Finland, defeating the United States 5–2 on 26 April 2003 and tied Canada 2–2 six days later on 2 May 2003. Denmark has remained in the top division ever since. At the 2010 World Championships Denmark finished 8th place, which is their best ever placing to date. The feat was repeated in 2016.[]

The Denmark ice hockey team, known simply as "Denmark," is a competitive and skilled group of players representing the country in international ice hockey competitions. The team is known for their strong work ethic, teamwork, and determination on the ice.

Denmark has made significant strides in recent years, consistently improving their performance and earning respect from opponents around the world. They have competed in various international tournaments, including the IIHF World Championship and the Winter Olympics.

The team is led by a talented roster of players, many of whom compete in professional leagues in Europe and North America. Denmark's style of play is characterized by their speed, physicality, and aggressive forechecking.

Fans of Denmark ice hockey can expect an exciting and competitive performance whenever the team takes the ice, as they continue to make their mark on the international stage.