IIHF World Championship 05/21 10:20 7 France vs Germany - View


IIHF World Championship 05/18 14:20 6 [3] Germany v Poland [8] W 4-2
IIHF World Championship 05/17 14:20 5 [5] Germany v Kazakhstan [7] W 8-2
IIHF World Championship 05/15 14:20 4 [7] Germany v Latvia [2] W 8-1
IIHF World Championship 05/13 18:20 3 [6] Germany v Sweden [1] L 1-6
IIHF World Championship 05/11 18:20 2 [8] USA v Germany [2] L 6-1
IIHF World Championship 05/10 14:20 1 Slovakia v Germany W 4-6
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 05/06 17:30 - Germany v France W 4-3
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 05/04 12:00 - Germany v France L 3-5
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/27 14:15 - Austria v Germany L 2-1
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/25 17:00 - Germany v Austria W 4-2
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/20 15:00 - Germany v Slovakia L 4-5
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/18 17:30 - Germany v Slovakia W 7-3

The German men's national ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team of Germany and is controlled by the German Ice Hockey Federation. It first participated in serious international competition at the 1911 European Hockey Championship. When Germany was split after World War II, a separate East Germany national ice hockey team existed until 1990. By 1991, the West and East German teams and players were merged into the United German team. The team's head coach is Harold Kreis.

Germany has won several medals at the World Championships, including three silver medals in 1930, 1953 and 2023, as well as a silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics, the team's biggest success in the 21st century.


West Germany

The West German team's greatest success came in 1976 at the Winter Olympics, when the team went 2–3–0 and won the bronze medal. The Swedish and Canadian teams, traditionally two hockey powerhouses, had boycotted the 1976 Games in protest of the amateur rules that allowed Eastern Bloc countries to send their best players while keeping Western nations from doing the same.

West Germany's wins in the 1976 Games came against the United States (4–1) and Poland (7–4).

In 1980, the team didn't do as well and only won one game in the preliminary round, which kept them from advancing. They finished 10th out of 12.

In 1984, the team was invited to the Canada Cup. By 1991, the reunification of East and West Germany meant the inclusion of players from the former East Germany.


The team is not considered to be as elite as Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Sweden or the United States; they are ranked 9th in the world (2022) by the IIHF. Since re-unification, their best recent results include finishing 6th place at the 2003 World Championships where they lost a close quarter-final match in overtime to Canada, and 4th at the 2010 World Championships where they lost to Sweden in the bronze medal game. Previously, they finished third in the European Group and qualified for the quarter-finals at the 1996 World Cup after a surprising 7–1 victory against the Czech Republic. In the 1992 Olympics, they lost to Canada 4–3 in an overtime shoot-out in the quarter-finals.

Germany has never won an international competition, and their most recent medal was silver in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, when they lost to the Olympic Athletes From Russia 4–3 in overtime. It was the first time that Germany had reached the Gold Medal Game at the Winter Olympics. This was their best result, tied with a silver medal at the 1930 World Championships.

There are 25,934 registered players in Germany (0.03% of its population).

Team Germany finished in 4th place at the 2010 IIHF World Championship, their best placement since 1953.

Germany's national ice hockey team is a powerhouse in international competition, known for their skilled players and competitive spirit. The team has a rich history of success, with numerous medals in World Championships and Olympic Games.

The team is known for their fast-paced, aggressive style of play, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and strategy. They are led by a talented roster of players, including top scorers, solid defenders, and skilled goaltenders.

Germany's national ice hockey team is a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, and they continue to be a dominant presence in the world of ice hockey. With their passion for the game and dedication to excellence, they are sure to continue making waves in the sport for years to come.