Kuwait League 05/29 16:30 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) vs Al Kuwait SC - View


Kuwait League 05/26 13:30 - Burgan SC v Al Qadsia (Kuwait) W 26-27
Kuwait League 05/24 15:00 - Al Salmiyah v Al Qadsia (Kuwait) L 29-21
Kuwait League 05/22 13:30 - Kazma v Al Qadsia (Kuwait) L 31-26
Kuwait League 05/19 16:30 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Arabi (Kuwait) W 26-25
Kuwait League 05/15 15:30 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Salibikhaet W 29-27
Kuwait League 05/04 14:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Salmiyah W 31-28
Kuwait League 04/15 14:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Khaitan W 32-27
Kuwait League 04/09 19:00 - Al Arabi (Kuwait) v Al Qadsia (Kuwait) W 29-30
Kuwait League 03/30 19:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Fehaheel W 31-28
Kuwait League 03/26 18:00 - Kuwait SC v Al Qadsia (Kuwait) W 30-32
Kuwait League 03/19 19:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Sahel D 0-0
Kuwait League 02/16 14:00 - Al Qadsia (Kuwait) v Al Nasar W 32-30
Al Qadsia is a professional handball team based in Kuwait. The team was founded in 1960 and has since become one of the most successful handball teams in the country. Al Qadsia has won numerous domestic and international titles, including the Kuwaiti Handball League, the Kuwaiti Handball Cup, and the Asian Handball Club League.

The team is known for its strong defense and quick counter-attacks. Al Qadsia's players are highly skilled and experienced, with many of them having represented the Kuwaiti national handball team. The team's home matches are played at the Al-Qadsia Sporting Club, which has a capacity of 5,000 spectators.

Al Qadsia has a dedicated fan base, with supporters known for their passion and loyalty. The team's colors are red and white, and its logo features a falcon, which is a symbol of strength and power in Kuwaiti culture.

Overall, Al Qadsia is a formidable handball team that has achieved great success both domestically and internationally. With its talented players and passionate fan base, the team is sure to continue its winning ways for years to come.